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Whether you want to drive salesforce performance, product usage, process mastery, regulation compliance, employee excellence, or leadership development; Harbinger takes care of a wide variety of your training needs. Our deep expertise, skilled resources, and robust processes help us cater to your business application requirements effortlessly. We design eLearning solutions that specifically improve workforce performance.

Sales Training

Successful sales training programs can help derive significant business benefits. Harbinger’s sales training repertoire includes customer service, client presentations, sales techniques, developing negotiation skills, and sales tool(s) training. Our sales training modules engage learners using instructional elements like micro-learning, games, simulations, and quizzes.

“Harbinger played an instrumental role in helping us design, and write the content for our first global VLS Training Program. I was impressed by their professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the success of the project. Without their input we would not have been able to deliver such a high quality VLS learning environment for our global sales team. Feedback from participants was positive with most rating the learning experience as very good, to excellent.”

Chris Smart
Head of Sales Effectiveness for Local Business Development
Global Marketing Aggreko

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Product and Process Training

Most organizations need to up-skill employees from time to time. They also need to get employees up to speed on an array of latest products and processes. Harbinger is adept at creating eLearning modules that can help learners get hands-on with the latest products, processes and technologies. Our training methodology adopts the use of elements like games and simulations to ensure that learners are engaged well.

“The users have never rated a course below 5 out of 5 stars and all their comments have been positive. Harbinger’s work is making an impact at Chicken Salad Chick and helping many people have fun while they learn!”

Patti Evanosky
Director of Training,
Chicken Salad Chick

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Compliance Training

Although compliance training is a mandate in most organizations; it doesn’t usually excite the learners. Harbinger specializes in creating interactive compliance courses that don’t bore learners; and deliver results. Our compliance training modules are suitably sized and designed keeping the learner preferences in mind. They are accessible across multiple devices and incorporate varied instructional strategies like storytelling, scenarios, videos, and gamification.

“If I have to summarize Harbinger in 3 words, I would say Timely, Cost Effective and Flexible. Our project started as one thing and ended up as something entirely different. It was the relationship that made the whole thing work. There were a lot of changes from our SMEs and Harbinger always adapted to our requirements with a smile. The quality was absolutely fantastic. For a healthcare organization such as ours, the compliance/completion rate to the eLearning modules is 60% to 70%. However with Harbinger’s course we are getting a compliance rate of 92% from our learners, which says it all about the amazing quality and learner engagement of Harbinger’s work. I highly recommend Harbinger for anybody looking to develop high quality online learning cost effectively.”

An Jon Nguyen
Corporate Learning & Organizational Development,
St. Joseph’s Health Centre

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Human Resource Training

Human Resource(HR) training strengthens and grooms your most important asset – your people. Harbinger’s award-winning HR training solutions range across on-boarding programs, soft skills development, business conduct, company policies and ethics, and effective use of internal portals. Our forte is to develop training solutions that ingrain the organizational culture.

“Working with Harbinger Interactive Learning has given us the opportunity to create custom e-learning to create consistency in on-boarding training. We appreciate all the hard work the team has put in to making this project a success. Harbinger brings immense skill and creativity to the table.”

Heather Bleau
LMS Training Administrator,
Anthony International

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Leadership Development Programs

Leadership development programs not only impact the business, but also the community and society at large. Harbinger has been involved in building successful leadership development programs around personality management, conflict management, innovation, cross-domain knowledge, and handling business challenges. Most of our training modules include games, simulations, and scenarios. We understand that the top-management is generally pressed for time, so our courses are device-friendly and short.

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