• Proven Expertise in Building Learning Solutions for a Wide Range of Industry Verticals


Be it life sciences, financial services, retail, or high-tech; industry after industry is getting disrupted due to digital transformation. Additionally, retail must contend with generational changes; financial services and life sciences must comply with changing regulations; and high-tech workforce must up-skill continuously and quickly. Harbinger brings to you the best practices from a long experience of working with industry leaders in these verticals.

For digital publishers the changing landscape is even more dramatic. With changes in technology, workforce and regulations; their digital assets are constantly under the threat of obsolescence. Harbinger understands the challenge in modernizing large volumes of content and helps keep your content assets current.

Digital Publishing

With changing technological landscape, it is imperative that publishing organizations modernize their legacy content. Harbinger can be your extended eLearning development team.

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Life Sciences

Life Science is a highly regulated domain that demands building experiential eLearning solutions complying with the latest industry regulations. Harbinger has been involved in building such solutions for the life sciences industry.

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Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)

Despite the overwhelming volume of information involved in BFSI, it is important to rapidly develop eLearning that stays compliant with changing regulations.

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The retail industry constantly contends with generational changes. Millennials form the major part of the retail workforce. eLearning solutions must deal with short attention spans and learner device preferences.

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With technologies changing so rapidly, high-tech companies need to up-skill employees on a regular basis. They also need to train clients and partners on new products and processes.

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