• Impactful Learning in a World of Stringent Compliance

Life Sciences

Life Science is a highly regulated domain that demands building experiential eLearning solutions complying with the latest industry regulations. Harbinger has been involved in building such solutions for the life sciences industry.

Another important eLearning driver in this industry is the need for global sales force training while ensuring that the training is mobile-friendly.

Life Sciences Solutions that Enable Faster Time-to-Market

Healthcare IT Training

Drug Dispensing Systems, Patient Health Record Systems, Hospital Management Systems, Hospice and Palliative Care Management System, Online Patient Communities

Continuing Education

Accessibility-Enabled Certification Programs, Application Simulations, Medical Device Training, Surgical Training, Nursing Education, Disease State Training, Therapeutic Training, Practice Management, Medical Communication

Sales Training

Product Training, Process Training, Drug Training, Rep On-boarding, EHR/EMR Application, Market Access

Compliance Training

Medicare and Medicaid, Health Insurance, CMS, HIPAA, Workplace Violence, AODA, Hospital Emergency Codes, Fire Safety Training

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Taking Life Sciences Training to the Next Level with AI-Powered Chatbots

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