• Innovative and Immersive Learning Solutions for The Retail Workforce


The retail industry constantly contends with generational changes. Millennials form the major part of the retail workforce. eLearning solutions must deal with short attention spans and learner device preferences. Training temporary workforce and franchisees is another critical business need of growing retail chains.

Harbinger creates innovative and focused training modules aimed at the skill development of both temporary and permanent retail workforce. Be it employee onboarding, franchisee development, guest experience management, or ongoing compliance, our goal is to align learners to the organizational culture and to consumer expectations.

Retail Learning Solutions that Promise a Well-trained Workforce

New Hire Onboarding

Organization Culture and Values Training, Product Training, Menu Training, Communication Skills, Time Management, Field Operations Training

Guest Experience Management

Capturing Brand Essence, Point-of-Sale Training, Developing Champions, Preparing Table Training, Room Cleanliness

Franchisee Development

Menu Training, Simplifying Menu, QSR

Ongoing Compliance

Server Training, Safety Training, Food Safety Training, Food Handler Training, Food Allergen Management Training, Chemical Safety, Security Training, Hygiene and Cleanliness

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Role of Training in Catering Leadership Development

Catering managers are the flag-bearers of any catering brand and it is critical to align them with the brand culture and values. To achieve this, it is important to groom and train them in certain skillsets and processes.

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Role of Training in Catering Leadership Development

Scenario-Based Gamified Training for a Retail Chain’s Drive-Thru Workforce

At a drive-thru window of a restaurant, pressure can run high and even the smallest mistakes can prove catastrophic. One of Harbinger’s restaurant clients, therefore, wanted to train its drive-thru workforce using similar-to-life experiences. Harbinger built a scenario-based gamified training to deliver on the requirements.

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Four Effective Ways to Train Your Catering Staff

With millennials and Gen Z forming a huge chunk of the employee-base and a high turnover rate, training has never been more relevant for the catering industry. This makes a good case to explore some of the most efficient ways to train your catering staff and enable them to provide outstanding guest experience.

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How to Design Scalable Solutions for Workforce Skilling