• Highly Skilled and Proficient Workforce to Take Care of Your Learning Needs


Harbinger houses a team of highly skilled personnel who are adept at working on latest tools and technologies, and also specialize in instructional and multimedia design. Apart from that, the team is well trained to take care of language reviews. Any deliverables by Harbinger are quality assured and tested at each step by our quality assurance engineers. This team, driven by our experienced project managers, gives you the freedom to focus on your core business, while we take care of your learning requirements.

Instructional Design

Harbinger’s instructional design team is a team of young, enthusiastic professionals with a strong understanding of instructional design principles and methodologies, and a creative flair for ideas. Our proven abilities in requirements analysis help us to provide clients with effective learning solutions. Having worked on content from various domains, our instructional designers can create innovative design approaches that make learning stick and help drive business results.

Instructional Design
Multimedia Design

Multimedia Design

Harbinger’s team of multimedia artists is highly trained in conceptualization, visual design, media asset creation, communication, and overall multimedia design.

We specialize in:

  • Capturing unique design styles which distinguish your organization
  • Bringing out the culture of an organization in the courses
  • Building lively courses with the use of 2D and 3D characters
  • Using eLearning authoring tools in creative ways
  • Designing interfaces considering user experience design


Harbinger’s technical capabilities have led to the development of automated systems and processes that help us turnaround faster, handle larger volume of work, and also ensure there is no compromise in the output quality. Key innovations resulting from this practice of ours are: A responsive HTML5 framework adhering to WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines, an automated EPUB creation utility, and, an offline player.

Language Review

Language Review

Language review is an intrinsic part of our courseware development process and has always been a strong point at Harbinger. Each course is thoroughly proofread and edited for any language errors. Harbinger has partnered with language reviewers from a team in Bangalore, India, and another one in the United States, who work along with the development and delivery teams to ensure that the modules are rolled out with a thorough language review.

Project Management

Our team of project managers has been in the eLearning industry for about half a decade, and has successfully handled creative course development for several projects, while ensuring timely deliveries. These project managers act as anchor for any project, where on one hand they meticulously plan the project in an agile way, and on the other hand, constantly coordinate with customers, their SMEs and our internal team. This arrangement ensures that the project stays on time and meets the requirements of all stakeholders.

Project Management

Three-dimensional (3D) Learning

Leverage 3D modeling and animation to make learning more relatable, engaging, interactive, memorable, and fun. At Harbinger, our eLearning experts are highly skilled and well-equipped to develop topnotch 3D content. Their smart 3D approach and knowledge of various 3D functionalities are exemplary. Our 3D designing capability works best to boost the visual appeal of your content and give your learners a realistic learning experience.


AR/VR is the future of eLearning. Contemporary online course developers like Harbinger know how to effectively use AR/VR to remove the obstacles between learners and their learning goals. Our eLearning specialists can create truly interactive, immersive, and learner-centric AR/VR courses. We enable you to offer more authentic, flexible, and enjoyable learning experiences. Make your complex technical courses creative and interesting. Improve learner’s visualization with lifelike imagery and scenarios. Create real-life, hands-on, and no-risk learning/training opportunities for your learners.


Chatbots are changing the face of eLearning. Partner with Harbinger to explore the game-changing potential of chatbots in eLearning. Our adept eLearning team has all the expertise and technology needed to bring the crucial benefits of chatbots into play. Through the power of chatbots, we can help you create accessible courses, streamline the L&D process, and adapt to specific learner’s needs. Besides, you’ll be able to provide personal assistance to learners, deliver great self-paced learning experiences, and offer on-demand, intelligent virtual tutoring.

Content Curation

Content curation doesn’t have to be an overwhelming, labor-intensive task when you have Harbinger on your side. Improve your L&D strategy with content curation by providing richer, up-to-date, and relevant content to learners. Tap into our first-rate content curation to also enhance productivity and performance, save time and resources, and empower both your learners and your organization. We employ advanced tools and the right process to curate content for you: aggregating, filtering, organizing, contextualizing, sharing, and storing data and receiving feedback from learners.

dominKnow Flow

Up your eLearning game with Harbinger’s new dominKnow Flow capability. Start developing truly responsive and “machine independent” eLearning courses to offer seamless learning experiences across multiple devices. Rapidly produce and customize visually stunning, highly engaging content with easy flow and navigation. Update and maintain courses and increase course completion rates with ease. Benefit from dominKnow Flow’s better customization, flexibility, multiple skill level support, collaboration, administration, and platform features.

Adobe Captivate Prime

Get ready to deliver modern, enhanced, and engaging learning experiences with Harbinger’s proficient eLearning team equipped with latest tools like Adobe Captivate Prime. Harness our Adobe Captivate Prime capability to develop personalized and intuitive corporate, customer education, employee reskilling, compliance, and sales/partner learning and training courses. Take advantage of Adobe Captivate Prime’s top features, namely AI-based personalization and recommendation, social learning, gamification, headless LMS, and learning experience platform.