• Upskilling and reskilling workforce with competency-based learning

    Harbinger’s unique framework allows organizations to build highly effective learning programs focused on required competencies

Competency-based Learning Framework

Rapidly evolving business landscape with automation, hybrid work environments, digital technologies, and increased connectivity is creating an ongoing demand for a wide variety of new skills on an ongoing basis. Competency-based learning (CBL) is vital to keep up with these fast-paced developments.

Harbinger’s unique competency-based learning framework helps you incorporate knowledge, skills, and learning preferences in your courses to build effective learning experiences. The framework supports ready to use tools and templates for developing comprehensive competency-based learning content.

The CBL framework helps you design customized learning paths for individuals, assess competencies with detailed analytics, create a complete and independent SCORM package for traditional LMS, assign specific modules in LMS based on competency assessment results, and customize course delivery and reporting according to your business needs.

Design Competency-based Learning Programs Based on Business Demands

Pre-test and Post-test

Assessment to identify competency gaps, scenario-based questions, interactive quizzes, video quizzes, case-study based questions, questions mapped to competencies, complexities, and learning modules

Learning Paths

Assign modules in LMS, competency-based module tagging for assignment, custom learning paths based on competency results, dynamic learning paths based on completion status, and assessment results

Content Tagging

Meta-tag existing content, keyword tagging, competency tagging, learning objectives based tagging


Integrate SCORM packaged with competency tagging, API-based integration, pre-test and post-test results based learning modules integration, LMS integration based on competency test results


Competency wise individual analytics, team analytics, group analytics and comparison, visual depiction of improvement in performance over a period, learning dashboard for individuals and managers

The Competency-based Learning Workflow

The Competency-based Learning Workflow

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