• Evolve 2020

    Empowering L&D Superheroes to Support their Remote Workforce

    Every Friday, 10 AM PDT

Not all superheroes wear capes and that is true for L&D professionals as well. During these uncertain times, when our learners are working remotely to ensure business runs as usual, helping resolve customer issues, and above all keeping the wheels of economy moving, it is imperative to provide them all the support they require.

Making learning available to your learners is a key component in ensuring that they can perform their job on a day to day basis. But the playing rules have changed, so it is important for L&D superheroes to up their game as well. In micro-webinar episodes, we will empower you with tips and tricks to quickly take your in-person training into a virtual mode, whilst ensuring same or even higher level of learning effectiveness. Every week we’ll bring an expert on the panel to talk about one methodology to achieve this objective. So, get ready to join us in this exciting journey.

Webinar Schedule

7 Tips to Make your VILT Sessions More Engaging

Fri, Apr 24, 10 AM PDT

7 Quick Hacks to Create an Instructionally Sound VILT Presentation Deck

Fri, May 1, 10 AM PDT

10 Cool Tips for Delivering Effective VILT Sessions Using Web Meeting Apps

Fri, May 8, 10 AM PDT

How to Use Webinar Recordings as Effective Learning Resources

Fri, May 15, 10 AM PDT

How to Get your Audience Hooked Through Visual Design

Fri, May 22, 10 AM PDT 

Rapidly Create Interactive Supplementary Learning Material

Fri, May 29, 10 AM PDT 

AI-Enabled Virtual Coaches for Continuous Performance Management

Fri, Jun 5, 10 AM PDT

Bringing in Behavioral Changes by Nudging Learners

Fri, Jun 12, 10 AM PDT  

How to Design Scalable Solutions for Workforce Skilling

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