• Elevate learner experience
    through gamified learning

    Harbinger’s gamification framework enables rapid development of gamified content and improves learner engagement



Improving learner engagement, course completion rates, and driving learning outcomes are critical metrics for organizations and need continuous focus and improvement. Gamification is one of the most promising ways of elevating learner experience and creating impactful learning. By creating engaging learning experiences, gamification enables organizations to increase learning retention, motivate employees, and drive employee engagement.

Harbinger’s gamified instructional solution has helped multiple organizations deliver effective business results using a variety of authoring tools like Storyline, Captivate, HTML5, and more. Also, Harbinger’s award-winning gamification framework allows organizations to add gamification elements to eLearning rapidly in a cost-effective way. Our easy-to-use, fully customizable framework makes it extremely easy for any organization to add a layer of gamification to any type of learning content and quickly develop varied learning experiences.

A plug-and-play framework to gamify learning and deliver results

Custom Gamified eLearning

Custom Gamified eLearning

Learner experience design for gamified learning, scenario-based learning, gamified assessments, gamify existing courses, integration with gamified LMS, responsive design, personalized learning delivery based on performance

Game-based Learning

Game-based Learning

Designing game-based learning, HTML5 game development, development of games using authoring tools like Storyline, Captivate, dominKnow, and more, game-based assessments, multi-level game design

Gamified Framework

Gamified Framework

Fully customizable HTML framework, gamified templates, gamified dashboard without LMS, character-based design, customizable gamified elements, easy to edit and maintain the content, gamify content across modules

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Scenario-based gamified learning for training a retail chain’s drive-thru workforce

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Gamification for an Enhanced Learning Experience

Gamification for an Enhanced Learning Experience