Enabling Your Healthcare Product for Digital Capabilities


EHR/EMR, Practice Management, Clinical Admin, Population Health Management, Fraud Detection, Pharma Supply Chain, Document, Management, eLearning, EDI Data Compliance, ICD-10, Legacy Data Migration.


Medicare/Medicaid, Member Eligibility Verification/Enrollment, Premium Calculation, Claim Processing: RAPS/EDPS, Prescription Drug Event Management, Revenue Reconciliation, Health Exchange.


PHR and Wellness Management, Benefits Administration, Enrollments, Claims, Payroll


Telehealth, Doctor-Patient Interaction, Mobile Fitness, Adherence, Online Health Communities.


Meaningful Use (MU1, MU2), HIPAA 3, HITECH and FDA
ICD 10
HL7, CCDA-CCR-C32, CQM (Clinical Quality Measures), EDI-Transactions and EDPS (Encounter Data Processing System)

Interoperability & EDI

Our key areas of expertise are –???
We would like to know the platforms, technologies that we have worked on.

Data science

Drug Effectiveness, Patient Profiling, Predict the LOS(Length of Stay) of Patients Demographics & Environment Assessment, Care Cost determination