• Transforming the traditional video viewing experience

    Harbinger helps create interactive videos that enrich learning experiences.

Interactive Video Solution

Videos are unarguably, the de-facto standard of communication today. However, traditional videos can limit the whole video viewing experience to a monologue where the learner is passively consuming content and not engaging with it. Harbinger’s interactive videos transform the whole scenario and take video-based learning a level higher. Learners actively engage with interactive videos, resulting in better learning and improved performance. These videos can utilize dynamic data points for frequently changing content. They are searchable and can also provide skip navigation, informative overlays, and quizzes, this enriching the whole learner experience.




Interactive Videos, Illustrated Videos, Animated Videos, Photo-Based Videos, Infographic-Style, Icon-Based Videos, Explainer Videos, Product Demos, Marketing Videos, Concept Videos

Tool-Based Development

Tool-Based Development

Vyond, Adobe Animate CC, Videoscribe, Flash, Animaker, Camtasia, PowToon, Adobe AfterEffects, 3D videos, Interactive Videos using Exaltive, Storyline, Adobe Captivate.

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Transforming Webcast Recordings into Interactive eLearning Courses

Many organizations have a library of webcast recordings being used as part of their learning environment. However, learners generally complain of not feeling engaged through these recordings. So why not convert these webcast recordings into interactive courses?

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