• Converting Large Volume Legacy Flash Content to HTML5

    Harbinger rapidly transforms old Flash courses to HTML5 using its automation capabilities, coupled with future-ready design.

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Rapidly Convert Large Volume Flash Courses to HTML5 using Harbinger’s Automation Framework

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Flash to HTML5 Transformation

With Flash slated for sunset in December 2020 and most browsers discontinuing their Flash support already, organizations need to ensure that popular legacy courses play on latest browsers seamlessly. Converting such courses to HTML5 is one of the most effective ways to achieve this.

Harbinger uses an award-winning framework called xSMART to help you sail through the transformation process smoothly. As part of this solution accelerator framework, Harbinger has built custom automation utilities to extract media assets from Flash files, if the source files are missing. xSMART, coupled with Harbinger’s extensive skillset, is an enabler to handle large-scale Flash to HTML5 conversion projects in a short time frame. Harbinger is adept at handling this conversion using various authoring tools and custom development.


  • Future-Ready Design

    Migration of custom Flash content to HTML5, Instructional design to support modernization, Republishing with latest compliance standards, Mobile-friendly design, Micro-learning formats, Responsive design

  • Award-Winning Framework

    xSMART framework, Content and media asset extraction via automation, Template-based dynamic HTML5 framework, Translation accelerator

  • Newer Authoring Tools

    Migrate legacy content to newer tools – Storyline 360, Gomo Learning, dominKnow Flow, iSpring, Adobe Captivate, Lectora, Articulate Rise

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Rapidly Convert Legacy Flash Courses to HTML5

“Harbinger has done a really great job of converting our legacy Flash content to HTML5, and I would highly recommend them for any similar work. We had about 475 courses for over 600 hours that were converted from Flash and Articulate to an HTML5 XML responsive framework. Their approach was innovative, and the cost was just right. We did not run into any problems with their work, and any technical issues we did encounter were quickly resolved. From their project management to the QA of their work, everything was top notch.”

Senior Director of Content at a client’s end who used Harbinger’s Flash to HTML5 conversion services

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