• Elevate learner experience with virtual reality and augmented reality

    Harbinger’s expertise in creating virtual experiences and simulations enables organizations to redefine the way their learners learn

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in eLearning

In a technology-led world where learner experience directly translates into enhanced individual skills and organizational efficiency, building new ways to engage with them through technology is critical.

The learning and development industry has multiple challenges today – from technology investments and adoption to timelines and costs. But with the advancements in technology like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), organizations can address these challenges and provide an immersive and interactive learning experience to their employees. Harbinger’s vast experience in creating immersive learning helps you implement and scale AR and VR learning solutions to improve learning outcomes and increase employee productivity.

Harbinger follows an instructional approach to AR and VR that enables designers to redefine how they engage with learners and unlock new experiences and learning opportunities.

Build immersive. Explore virtually.

Virtual Environments

Virtual Lab, Research Lab, Virtual Simulators, Workshop Environment, Pharma Laboratory

3D Video and Game Development

Virtual Tours, 3D Model Development, Gaming Environment, 3D Characters, 3D Videos

Technology Expertise

Unity 3D, AR and VR on web, WebGL, Mobile App, Mobile Reality, 3D Web Portal, Enterprise LMS Integration, LXP Integration, VR-enabled Courses, Experience Tracking, Standards Compliance, xAPI, LTI, 3D Modeling

Abstract Experiences

Workflow Modeling, Process and Concept Explanation, Emotional Intelligence, Virtual Presentations, 3D Brochures

Multiple Use Cases

Soft Skills Training, Unconscious Bias Training, Product Training, Medical Device Training, Diversity & Inclusion Training, Manufacturing Process Training, Machine Operations

3D Brochure Experience with VR and AR
Explore an interactive 3D marketing brochure to explain and pitch company services and products

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