• Generating Large Scale Assessments and Recaps

    Harbinger helps you generate a large number of assessment questions and recap exercises using its Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology solution.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Assessments and Recaps

Creating assessment material consumes a lot of time and instructional design effort. Producing assessments and recaps from huge chunks of content is not only time-consuming but also tedious. Making supplementary learning material interactive, engaging, and fun takes even more effort.

Harbinger helps large digital publishing houses and educational publishers to generate large-scale supplementary learning material saving up to 70% time, using its patent pending artificial intelligence technology. This technology rapidly analyzes a large amount of content and generates simple yet meaningful assessments, without compromising on quality.

Assessment and Recaps for Large Volumes of Learning Content


Multiple Choice Questions, Fill-in Type Questions, True or False Questions, Drag and Drop Questions, Timeline-Embedded Video Questions


Tab Display, Flip Cards, Summarizer, Audio Recap

Source Content

PDF, MS Word, MS PPT, Storyboards, Video Transcripts, Text books

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