• Smarter Learning Enabled by The Power of AI

    Harbinger helps you design powerful solutions using AI technology such as voice-enabled chatbots for performance-support and large-scale assessments and recaps.

AI-Powered Learning Solutions

Performance-support at the point of need is a key requirement for many organizations, especially today, when skill-gap is a major challenge. Many answers to these performance-support queries are embedded deep into organizational content repositories. Harbinger is adept at developing and training chatbots to deliver responses to such queries by mapping existing content to probable questions.
Apart from instituting learning-in-the-workflow with chatbots, Harbinger aids digital publishing houses and educational publishers to generate large-scale supplementary learning material, saving up to 70% time, using its patent-pending AI technology. This technology rapidly analyses a large amount of content and generates simple yet meaningful assessments, without compromising on quality.

Utilizing the Power of AI to Make Learning Better



Product Guide, FAQs, Product Guide-Me, Scenario Conversation, Nudge-Learning, Micro-learning from Questions



Multiple Choice Questions, Fill-in Type Questions, True or False Questions, Drag and Drop Questions, Timeline-Embedded Video Questions



Tab Display, Flip Cards, Summarizer, Audio Recap


Source Content

PDF, MS Word, MS PPT, Storyboards, Video Transcripts, Text books

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Driving Digital Transformation in HR Tech with Chatbot Technology

Explore the most common enterprise use cases for chatbots in HR, technology that encapsulates chatbots, best practices, and challenges for chatbot development, in this whitepaper.

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Driving Digital Transformation in HR Tech with Chatbot Technology

Chatbot interface for university students looking for information on courses

Harbinger developed CourseAdvisor Bot, aimed at helping students view and select courses from their university program. Based on their selection, they can directly enroll for courses via the chatbot.

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