• Addressing Your Organization’s Unique Learning Needs

    Harbinger builds custom learning solutions that engage the audience and deliver results.

Custom eLearning Content Development

As organizations train employees on their unique products and processes, they increasingly rely on custom eLearning. Moreover, it needs to be aligned to business outcomes. Organizations also need custom developed courses to depict their brand, culture and values. However, building engagement in custom learning is effort intensive.

Harbinger has a proven track record of delivering such custom content. We design and develop tailor made eLearning solutions that suit your audience, improve their performance, and are essentially guided by your business drivers. Our solutions are learner centric and built using a wide range of instructional approaches.

Custom eLearning That Delivers Business Results

Learner-Centric Design

Bite-Sized Units, Interactive Controls, Mobile-Friendly Design, Gamification Elements, Inclusion of Assessments

Creative Mix of Instructional Formats

Videos, Games, Simulations, Quizzes, eBooks, Infographics, Scenarios, Stories, Assessments, Animations, Interactive ePub

Guided by Business Drivers

Time to Market, High Compliance Ratio, Performance Improvement, Cost-Effective Development, Easy to Maintain, Trackable

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Targeted Training at a Concept Restaurant

Chicken Salad Chick, a fast casual chicken salad restaurant, approached Harbinger to build a comprehensive and consistent training program to onboard new team members and acclimate them into the brand culture.

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Strategic Content Development Partnership with a Leading LMS Provider

This is an account of one of the cases where Harbinger partnered with a leading LMS provider to establish their eLearning services division and also helped them add an additional revenue stream for their business.

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Game Based Insect Exploration Program for K-12

The Entomological Foundation wanted to develop interactive learning programs for students in the age group of 7-9 years. Being entirely donor funded, it was critical that the funding partners saw value in the project.

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