• Creating Short Modules for Anywhere, Anytime Learning

    Harbinger helps businesses rapidly deliver short learning experiences to their employees.

Micro-Learning Solutions

The ‘constantly distracted’ millennial generation is sweeping into the workforce with high expectations. Complex information needs to be doled out in a format that can be quickly comprehended and easily retained by this generation. Harbinger’s micro-learning friendly design approach curates the optimum amount of information from the abundant data available, and creates bursts that can be consumed just-in-time. These rapid and affordable micro-learning solutions are specifically suited for large volume projects to keep up with the business bottom-line.

Building Micro-learning Solutions That Work

Learner-Centric Design

Bite-Sized, Attention Grabbing, Responsive Design, Instructional Design for Completeness of Learning Experience, Smart User Experience Design

Multiple Delivery Options

Video Based Learning, Game Based  Learning, Quizzes, eBooks, Infographics

Complementing Regular eLearning Formats

Searchable Microlearning Objects,  Meta-tags, Reinforcement Content

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