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    Harbinger provides a wide range of custom eLearning services that help accelerate business performance.

Custom eLearning Services

With a deep focus on improving learner engagement and workforce performance, Harbinger provides a wide array of eLearning services. Our innovatively designed offerings help you build rich digital experiences, uncover new business opportunities, and reduce operational costs.


The ‘constantly distracted’ millennial generation is sweeping into the workforce with high expectations. There is a need to dole out complex information to this generation in an easily comprehensible and retainable format. Harbinger’s micro-learning friendly design approach curates the optimum amount of information and creates bursts that learners can consume just-in-time.

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Augmented Reality

How would you like it if your learning content gets an interactive makeover? For instance, you simply point a tablet or a smart-phone to an image on a printed book, or a real-world object, and the content comes to life in a stunning and interactive fashion. Well, that’s what Augmented Reality is all about. Harbinger’s context-driven, custom-built augmented reality solutions offer an interactive makeover for all kinds of training content.

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Interactive Videos

Interactive videos transform a traditionally passive video experience into an active experience for learners. Harbinger specializes in interactive video creation. Our interactive videos are searchable. They are capable of providing skip navigation, informative overlays, and quizzes. They also feature engaging user interactions such as Drag and Drop, Click and Reveal, and Flash Cards.

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The use of game mechanics in eLearning keeps learner engaged; increases learner interest; and maintains motivation. Harbinger understands that excitement, persistence, goal orientation, and competition are essential parts of the gamification practice. We incorporate various game mechanics in the form of rewards and recognition, achievements and leader boards, points, badges, and levels, in our courses.

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Digital Learning Objects

With so many evolving technologies and platforms, it is essential to design self-contained digital learning units. Learners can experience such units seamlessly across multiple devices, either independently or as part of larger learning experiences. Harbinger is proficient at developing cross-platform and device-agnostic digital learning units, known as Digital Learning Objects (DLOs). These objects can be used for a variety of purposes like conveying information, enabling interactions through games, illustrating concepts, reinforcing learning, telling stories, and enabling practice.

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Edumercials are innovative instructional videos that bring the benefits of television commercials into learning experiences. With their unique positioning, edumercials make learning a fun and engaging experience, similar to that of watching commercials. Harbinger is proficient at building edumercials using bite-sized micro-learning nuggets. These edumercials can be used to put across any concept in a captivating way to enable higher engagement, instant recall, and application.

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Game-Based Learning and Simulations

Game-based learning solutions are an immersive experience, which make a learner do something to achieve a goal. Simulations practice on the other hand uses scenarios that a participant may eventually face in real life. Harbinger can help you create impactful game-based or simulation-based learning modules that can accelerate learner engagement and improve knowledge retention. Our learning programs are designed with a definite learning outcome achievable through a set path that the game lays out.

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Interactive EPUBs

Publishing organizations need to convert their printed books to the EPUB3 digital format. These EPUBs can have audio, video, interactivities, and should ideally be highly engaging and self-sufficient. Harbinger develops interactive EPUB 3 format solutions using custom HTML5 as well as tools such as InDesign. We extend EPUB creation services in the following categories: Fixed Layout EPUBs, Re-flowable EPUBs, Read Aloud EPUBs and Interactive EPUBs.

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