• Facilitating Micro-Learning Delivery

    Harbinger helps you deliver short learning nuggets on the go, to ensure training continuity in any situation.

SprinkleZone – The Micro-Learning Delivery App

The COVID- 19 pandemic has altered workplace dynamics across the globe. Workforces have transitioned to remote working, almost overnight. Life after this pandemic wouldn’t resume to normal as quickly. The after-effects would stay for long. In such a situation, as enterprise L&D stakeholders, how do you ensure that there is no lockdown on learning? How do you ensure that your employees are still engaged continuously without worrying about learning design and logistics?

Harbinger can help. Our micro-learning delivery app – SprinkleZone, enables you to rapidly deliver short learning nuggets to your employees. In the unprecedented crisis that we are sailing through, a solution like SprinkleZone can help you nudge your employees in the desired direction, by instituting learning in their workflow. With the help of SprinkleZone, you can quickly roll out quick short learning bites without getting into the complexity of eLearning design. What matters today is agility and rapid communication, and SprinkleZone lets you achieve that.

Ensuring Learning is Delivered Under Any Circumstances

User-Friendly Technology

iOS and Android compatible, Multimedia support, 128-bit SSL security, Capture instant user feedback

Efficient Design and Reporting

Responsive design, Micro-learning units, Usage analytics, Simple authoring for pushing new content, Custom branding, Short quizzes

Easy Access

Access Using browsers, Easy to integrate with existing systems, No app installation

Guided by Business Drivers

Rapid turnaround, Performance improvement, Cost-effective development, Trackable, Scalable for volumes, Go-live in days rather than months

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